A Story on Livelihoods in the Dominican Republic
"We're working toward a sustainable legacy for future Cocoa-growing Communities."

By Pilar Ramirez, executive director of Fundación REDDOM

Fundación REDDOM, an NGO that focuses on rural economic development in the Dominican Republic, is one of Cocoa Life’s implementing partners. Here Pilar Ramirez, executive director of Fundación REDDOM, talks about our progress:

Cocoa Life's training efforts here are tailored to address the Dominican Republic’s challenging climate. For example, implementing climate-responsive farming techniques and pre-harvest husbandry practices, has helped to increase the yield of cocoa farms in these communities. More than 834 cocoa farmers have benefitted from training on farm productivity and maintenance practices, as well as climate-resilient crops protection.

Women and young adults receive instruction in business management, marketing and other income-generating activities such as establishing nurseries and small animal husbandry. All these efforts combined are working toward the goal of providing a sustainable legacy for future cocoa-growing communities.


Farmers receiving their certificate for completing the Farmer Field School